In a couple of weeks, we’ll have a brand-new year, full of possibilities for the future.  Did you accomplish everything you wanted in 2016?  We can use our past experience to frame how we want to do things differently in 2017.

As you reflect on last year do you notice a pattern of behavior that indicates that you are not doing all the things you could be doing to achieve success?

In addition to setting goals, we also need to focus on the actions to take, in other words the behaviors necessary to accomplish our goals.  Take a step even further back and reflect on what you were thinking, what your attitude was at the time that prevented you from taking action.

The Thought to Success Link: How we think determines our attitude…our behaviors are a reflection of our attitudes…our choice of behaviors brings about the results we want in our lives. ­

An attitude can be described as a way of thinking or feeling which is reflected in our behavior.  Our attitude influences our choice of action and responses to challenges.  Was your attitude optimist or pessimist about your abilities to achieve your goals?  Did you see too many insurmountable barriers to success or feel determined to overcome barriers?

“An attitude is an inward thought that wiggles its way out” ~ Author unknown

Here are a few tips for starting the “Thought to Success Link” in 2017:

1) Identify What to Change: “A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can’t go anywhere until you change it.” Do you find yourself judgmental and thinking disparaging things about situations or people? Identify these circumstantiates to determine what you would like to change.

2) Choose Your Attitude: Catch yourself when you are having a negative thought.  Be conscious about how those thoughts are “wiggling” out into your attitude.  Make a decision to react in a positive way by finding creative solutions to the situation.

“It’s not the situation, it’s your reaction to the situation” ~ Robert Conklin, author

3) Look for a Role Model: Be aware of the company you keep, they can either be a model of positivity or negativity.  Surround yourself with role models who: are always positive and confident in themselves, persevere when confronted by obstacles, see the bright side in difficult situations, and can find creative solutions to their problems.