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Transitioning from an individual contributor to manager can be quite a challenge.   If promoted from within, the new manager was probably the best technical expert in the department who now has to master a whole new set of skills and expectations.  Investing in developing your managers creates a ripple effect on your front line employees improving morale, engagement, and retention.

Developing Your Management Style with Everything DiSC®

Everyone has a unique management style.  Managers who utilize their strengths in managing as well as develop an ability to adapt to other styles are more effective in their role. The Everything DiSC® Management Profile teaches managers how to bring out the best in each employee, increasing employee engagement by creating a unique motivational environment for each, and adapting to their delegating and developing techniques. Participants begin the program focusing on developing an understanding of their own management preferences and tendencies and then develop action plans on flexing their style to increase employee satisfaction and productivity.  Length: 4-6 hours. (“DiSC” is a registered trademark of Wiley Publishing)

The Management Map for the New Manager

You have new people, plans, responsibilities, demands for your time…how do you successfully find your way?  Having a managerial road map is helpful in providing directions and getting your employees all headed in the right direction.  On this management journey, you need to bring the appropriate resources, avoid roadblocks and build alliances with team members and colleagues.  A variety of delivery formats are available, the most popular: Five sessions for 2.5/3.0 hours or three 4-hour sessions with pre-work. Utilizes the book The Management Map…Navigation Tools for the New Manager and The Management Map Companion Workbook

Hire the Best

Do you know how to choose the best candidates for your open positions?  Hire the Best offers a practical process for selecting candidates based on the competencies of the position.  The workshop teaches a behavioral based interview approach using the philosophy “past behavior is one of the best predictors of future behavior”.  After analyzing the critical skills needed for their open positions, managers practice writing and asking interview questions. The importance of realistic job previews and onboarding is also discussed. Length: 3-4 hours

Managing Conflict

A study by the American Management Association found that 20% of a manager’s time is spent resolving conflict.  Since it is likely that conflict will be an even greater issue for organizations in the future, the ability to handle conflict effectively is a critical skill to develop in all managers. Extended periods of unresolved conflict will create an unhealthy environment resulting in decreased productivity and turnover of your best people. In this workshop participants will learn  to identify 18 destructive responses to conflict and alternative behavior responses to conflict that can be used to coach their team.  Powered by an Everything DISC profile, Productive Conflict will open your eyes to the possibility of disagreement without destructive consequences and an increase in workplace harmony and productivity.   Length: 3-4 hours


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