Personal Success Workshops

Successful people share similar attributes and skills that contribute to both their personal and professional achievements.  They have the ability to communicate, empathize, and connect with peers, managers and customers.  They also have the ability to self-manage their time and respect the time of others.  Successful people understand themselves and seek to adapt to others to create strong relationships.

Making the Communication Connection with DiSC®

Why do we get along with and communicate better with some people than with others?  Your natural style of communicating falls into four primary dimensions: Dominance, influence, Steadiness and Consciousness. Strategies. Personal effectiveness is significantly enhanced when you recognize the various motivational and communication needs of others, whether they are a customer, boss, coworker, or employee.  Includes the DiSC®  Workplace profile. (“DiSC” is a registered trademark of Wiley Publishing)

Service Excellence

Can your employees place themselves in the “shoes” of your customers? Do your employees go beyond expectations to provide service excellence? In this workshop your employees will develop empathy and communication skills that will pleasantly surprise both your internal and external customers and positively impact your company’s image in the marketplace. Length: 3 hours

Time Management Solutions

Does it always seem that you have more activities than can be accomplished in a 24-hour period? The Time Mastery® Profile helps individuals set priorities and manage time more effectively by evaluating their effectiveness in 12 critical areas. Organizations use it to help their employees accomplish more, meet project deadlines, and better serve their customers.  (“Time Mastery” is a registered trademark of Wiley Publishing)

Effective Meeting Skills

Do you spend a significant amount of your working time in meetings that are unproductive and that do not produce results? Effective meetings achieve objectives, are conducted in the minimum about of time, and satisfy participants. This workshop focuses on the improving the activities involved in conducting meetings in three areas: content, interaction and structure. The end result is improvement in the quality of meetings you attend as the leader or as a participant and reduction in the frustration that comes from ineffective meetings. Length: 3 hours

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