The Management Map Series

The Management Map Series

Management can be thought of as a journey which begins with the first step from individual contributor to supervisor or manager. A management map is a metaphor for creating a resource of knowledge to draw from during your journey as a manager. The more diverse experiences you have, the larger your map.  The Management Map series of books can be used in a variety of ways:

  • as a gift to new managers to get them started on their journey until they can be enrolled in a company training course
  • for self-study with an internal company coach to discuss concepts and ideas
  • self-directed study groups can use them in a “book club” type format where group members take turns facilitating assigned chapters
  • internally facilitated led workshops (PowerPoint slides are provided for facilitators who purchase sets of 12 or more books and workbooks.) Train-the-trainer classes also are available
  • Management Skills Resource, Inc can facilitate a workshop in a variety of delivery formats

The Management Map…Navigation Tools for the New Manager

Moving from an individual contributor to a manager is one of the greatest leaps a person can make in his or her career. The Management Map: Navigation Tools for the New Manager, offers practical advice for new managers beginning their journey; using a creative travel metaphor to capture the reader’s interest. From navigating company expectations, to coaching your team, to managing your new time commitments, new managers will appreciate the readable, step-by-step approach. Experienced managers will also benefit from a review of management best practices.

The Management Map Companion Workbook

Designed to be used with The Management Map…Navigation Tools for the New Manager, The Management Map Companion Workbook contains 40 activities designed to reinforce concepts and build skills. This book can be used as self-study or in a classroom environment.

The Management Map II…Navigation Tools for the Experienced Manager Transitioning to Leadership

We’re on the road again in the world of management! It’s time to get out your management map and do a little navigating this time as an experienced manager. Take the opportunity to enlarge your management map with practical ideas that will expand your thinking and provide a step-by-step approach for implementation in topics that include building a strong team, creating excellent through performance management, and getting commitment to the journey through employee engagement.

The Management Map II Companion Workbook….Coming Soon!

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