Compliance Workshops

All organizations benefit from every employee operating within a legal and ethical framework.  Compliance training is essential in order to help employees understand the employment laws and regulations that are relevant to their tasks and duties at the workplace. This is especially true for your management team.  Three U.S. states currently require employers to provide periodic sexual harassment training to supervisors and/or employees but others may soon follow.

Employment Law for Managers

In the course of performing their day-to-day responsibilities, managers and supervisors make decisions that impact their companies.  In making these decisions, they have the potential of exposing the company to potential liability by inadvertently violating one or more of the many laws impacting the workplace.  The workshop begins with a review of the various laws that govern the workplace.  Participants then apply the laws during typical managerial situations. Length: 3 hours

Sexual Harassment Awareness (all audiences)

Do the employees in your organization understand issues around sexual harassment including how to report complaints? Recent rulings strongly recommend that all employees attend awareness training. Employees learn the concept of a “respectful workplace” and the importance of all employees conducting themselves in a manner that is respectful to coworkers and customers.  A significant part of the program is a review of your company’s harassment policy and how to file an internal complaint. Length:  1-1.5 hours

Sexual Harassment Prevention (managerial audiences)

Do the supervisors in your organization know all the ways that their conduct can impact sexual harassment complaints? This workshop is specifically designed for employees who hold supervisory positions, and includes training on their responsibilities in identifying and preventing behavior that may lead to sexual harassment.  It also contains all content from Sexual Harassment Awareness. Length: 2 – 3 hours

Taking the Right Path… Ethical Decision Making

Do your employees know what path to take in making ethical decisions? It is not enough to assume everyone has the same values and standards, organizations need to have clearly defined standards of behavior.   This interactive workshop begins with defining how values impact behavior and the values of their organization are used as guiding principles for ethical decision making.  After learning a short process for making ethical decisions, participants practice in teams analyzing company specific situations. Length:  3 hours

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