When the road department hears that snow and ice are predicted, they use the saying “stop it before it sticks” and pretreat bridges and overpasses before the storm. They don’t wait until roads become impassable before they act.

Do you have employees on your team right now that are exhibiting behavior that may negatively impact their performance and even derail their career if left unchecked? Time to Stop it before it Sticks!

“A good coach passes on information quickly. They do not hold back information that affects my job.” ~Byron & Catherine Pulsifer, from People’s Expectations of a Coach

Why do leaders postpone giving performance feedback to their employees? Sometimes its fear of potential conflict, sometimes it is lack of training or experience in giving feedback, and sometimes its procrastination using the “hoping, wishing, and praying” philosophy that the behavior will miraculously correct on its own. The greatest leaders overcome their fears knowing the best way to lead is to give constructive feedback as soon as possible before the behavior “sticks” as a habit, which is much more difficult to correct.

“One of the true tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.” ~Arnold Glasow author

Here are a few feedback tips to Stop it before it Sticks:

  1. Identify Behavior: What is the employee specifically doing or not doing that leads you to the conclusion they need feedback? Use observable examples and not labels or conclusions.
  2. Discuss Importance: What are the short and long term consequences to the employee and department if the behavior doesn’t change? Keep the discussion focused on importance and impact of the behavior.
  3. Provide Support: How can you assist in the employee’s development? Providing feedback is just the first step, ask the employee what you can do to provide support to change behavior.

In my years in human resources, I’ve heard many employees say that they wished their manager had told them about performance issues sooner and given them a chance to change. As a leader you can give the gift of feedback to Stop it before it Sticks.

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